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Cricket ONE Board Roundup

Microchip Hardware Roundup

From crowdfunding sites and online marketplaces to hardware communities and social media, you can’t go far without stumbling upon a new design with a Microchip microcontroller at its core. Continuing on with our monthly series, here’s the next batch of boards that caught our attention in recent weeks.  

Microchip  //  Jul 20, 2020
Functional Safety Standard

Functional Safety for an Expanding Set of Applications – Microchip’s 32-Bit MCUs Support Your Development

32-bit microcontrollers offer functional safety solutions for home, industrial and automotive applications. 

David Arnold  //  Jul 8, 2020
Understanding Integrated vs Standalone Analog to Digital Converter Tradeoffs

Understanding Integrated vs. Standalone Analog-to-Digital Converter Tradeoffs

The importance of Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) is growing – due to the need for systems to acquire distributed data and provide localized monitoring and diagnostics. That leaves designers to evaluate whether they should choose a microcontroller with an integrate …

Iman Chalabi  //  Jul 7, 2020
Adaptec SmartRAID 3100E RAID Adapters

Smart Storage Platform Portfolio: New Cost-Effective Entry Level Adaptec® SmartRAID 3100E RAID Adapters Join the Line-up

Enterprise server solution providers must deliver enterprise class solutions with the required performance, security and reliability in a cost-effective manner. 

Marwa Hamour  //  Jul 1, 2020
Defending Against Rootkit – and Avoiding Malicious Malware

Defending Against Rootkit Attacks and Avoiding Malicious Malware

With the rapid growth of the 5G cellular infrastructure, growing networks and data centers supporting expanding cloud computing, developers need new ways to ensure operating systems remain secure and uncompromised.

Eileen Marando and Jeannette Wilson  //  Jun 30, 2020
Field Programmable Gate Arrays A Deeper Dive

FPGAs — A Deep Dive

FPGAs have surfaced as the platforms of choice for many new-age applications owing to their lower latency, configurability and power efficiency.

Apurva Peri  //  Jun 29, 2020
Compute Express Link Benefits of Serial-Attached Memory

The Benefits of Serial-Attached Memory with Compute Express Link?

Serial-attached memory solutions using Compute Express Link have many benefits compared to parallel interfaces and can be used to replace or augment parallel memory solutions.

Ahmad Danesh  //  Jun 24, 2020
Silicon for Digital Power Adds Flexibility Performance

Silicon for Digital Power Adds Flexibility and Performance

Adapt your analog domain knowledge to the latest digital systems and work with developers to implement competitive product features.

Microchip  //  Jun 23, 2020
Microchip Future Electronics GoodLock Application Development Platform

GoodLock – The Embedded Security Development Platform from Microchip and Future Electronics

Add end-to-end embedded security to your next application using our embedded products.

Sonia Sethi  //  Jun 17, 2020
Logic Design With the Future in Mind

Logic Design With the Future in Mind: Scalable MCU+MPU Cores

Our ecosystem not only provides an array of logic performance options, but also a software toolchain that can enable unprecedented opportunities for code reuse and a learning curve that allows designers and developers to... 

Microchip  //  Jun 15, 2020
Prototyping Embedded Solutions

Prototyping Embedded Systems

We have developed an ecosystem of development hardware and software that not only eases the burdens of early design, but also enables a seamless transition to the production of embedded electronics. 

Microchip  //  Jun 12, 2020
Microchip Embedded Motor Control Device Feature of MCU DSC

Full-Featured Software/Hardware Motor Control Design Ecosystem Accelerates Time-to-Market

With modern MCUs/DSCs, IDEs, and an ecosystem of software libraries, code examples, application notes, reference designs, and development/evaluation boards, even novice motor control designers can rapidly develop and deploy professional solutions without having to...

Microchip  //  Jun 10, 2020

Treelink: Fast, Easy Navigation to Hundreds of Analog and Interface Solutions

This great discovery tool provides an encompassing overview of all of our analog and interface products. Once the presentation is open, a product line can be viewed by clicking on the box of interest and can then be drilled down to learn individual product details.

Romina Toska  //  Jun 8, 2020
Modern Sensing Applications Low-Power MCUs Sensors

Meet the Needs of Modern Sensing Applications With Low-Power and Highly Integrated MCUs and Sensors

We offer MCUs, sensors, and development tools that allow for lower-cost sensor modules in smaller footprints, and eases development costs with richly featured development boards compatible with modular sensor boards.

Microchip  //  Jun 5, 2020
Single Source fpr Embedded Development - Hardware Software Libraries

How a Single-Source for Application-Specific Hardware, Libraries, and Software Tools Streamlines Embedded Development

“One size fits all” is becoming less of a viable electronic product strategy, be it for consumer or industrial applications. Flexibility and customizability of a user’s electronics is the new design paradigm. Every year, common electronic product categories …

Microchip  //  Jun 3, 2020
Accelerating Designs Complete Embedded Design Ecosystem

Accelerating Designs With a Complete Embedded Design Ecosystem

Just like consumers and end users of products, design engineers and developers are also seeking more options, flexibility and support from their hardware and software tool suppliers. We can help.

Microchip Technology Inc.  //  May 27, 2020
Zero Drift Amplifiers

Zero-Drift Amplifiers: Taking the Good With the Bad

The use of zero-drift amplifiers continues to grow due to the superior dc precision that these devices offer. However, there is a downside to this performance – time domain limitations.  

Kevin Tretter  //  May 26, 2020
Easing Graphics Integration in Electronics

Easing Graphics Integration in Electronics With Diverse Hardware Options and Expansive Software and Developer Support

We offer a host of hardware, software, third-party, and training solutions to help developers rapidly make pace with modern embedded graphics and accelerate time-to-market with graphics electronics.

Microchip  //  May 20, 2020
Edge Computing and IoT Products of Tomorrow

Edge Computing and IoT Products of Tomorrow

The demand for analyzing data at the edge is a growing product requirement. Computing at the edge device instead of the cloud means that…. 

Prasanna Obala Bhuvanesh  //  May 18, 2020
Seeed Wio Terminal

May Hardware Roundup

Take one look around online communities, crowdfunding sites and marketplaces, and it won’t be difficult to find countless pieces of hardware powered by Microchip technology. 

Microchip  //  May 15, 2020