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Big data just got easy. If you are developing storage systems for enterprise and cloud data centers, providing effective data access, storage and protection is crucial to your success. We are leading the way in data center transformation, offering innovative products and solutions for today’s and the next generation of PCI Express® (PCIe®), 24G SAS, and NVM Express™ (NVMe™) technologies. These solutions are designed to improve server storage performance, reliability and security while reducing overall power. 

SmartROC RAID-on-Chip Controllers

SmartROC RAID-on-Chip Controllers offer the industry’s most reliable, secure and high- performance storage controller solutions. Built on the Smart Storage platform, SmartROCs insignificantly reduce operating costs and offer substantial power savings as compared to alternative solutions at equivalent port densities.  SmartROCs also offer advanced and unique features such as maxCrypto™ controller-based encryption and are the foundation for Adaptec® SmartRAID adapter solutions.


SmartIOC I/O Controllers

SmartIOC I/O SAS controllers provide reliable, ultra-high-performance Host Bus Adapter (HBA) functionality with industry-leading low-power operation. The SmartIOC family provides unparalleled flexibility along with a broad range of standard features designed to meet the most demanding server storage applications.  SmartIOCs include support for maxCrypto controller based encryption, and they are featured on the Adaptec SmartHBA and HBA Host Bus Adapter solutions. 


Tachyon® Protocol Controllers

The Tachyon SPCve and SPCv controllers provide an efficient and scalable architecture that enables industry-leading system performance. They provide application-programming environments that are compatible with other members of the Tachyon SAS/SATA controller family and Tachyon Fibre Channel controllers, enabling software leverage between controllers and protocols.


SAS Expanders (Discrete)

Our SAS expander products offer superior signal integrity, integration, port density and performance. They feature a rich and robust, customizable Software Development Kit (SDK) for SAS/SATA enclosure management and system level diagnostics and monitoring.


Switchtec™ PCIe Switches

Switchtec PCIe switches are engineered to scale PCIe Flash in high-performance, robust storage systems, providing the industry's highest-density, lowest-power and most resilient switches. We offer the first programmable PCIe switch, which features an integrated processor.  Switchtec PCIe switches are ideal for data centers, storage, communications, defense and industrial applications


Flashtec™ NVMe Controllers

Flashtec NVMe controllers enable designers of the world’s leading enterprises and data centers to create the highest-performance SSDs using next-generation NAND technologies. These controllers support the standard NVMe host interface in a variety of form factors at a wide range of capacity points, random read/write operations. They perform all Flash management operations on chip while using minimal host processing and memory resources.


Adaptec® SmartRAID Adapters

Adaptec SmartRAID adapters are full-featured, high-performance enterprise RAID adapters built for a variety of storage requirements. They have the industry's lowest power consumption and provide maximum read/write bandwidth and Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS) when coupled with 12 Gbps SSDs. Unique features available on some adapters include integrated Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection (ZMCP); maxCache, a SSD caching solution; and maxCrypto controller-based encryption for any block-based storage device.


Adaptec® Host Bus Adapters (HBAs)

Adaptec SmartHBA Host Bus adapters are the ideal connectivity solution for server-based storage systems that require maximum bandwidth and I/O connectivity, low power consumption and high reliability. Uniquely combining the capabilities of a full-featured HBA, like the HBA 1100, with those of a basic RAID adapter using hardware RAID, these adapters offer a more versatile storage solution.


Adaptec SAS Expander Adapter

The Adaptec 12 Gbps 82885T SAS expander offers 36 ports in a scalable connectivity/fan-out option for additional drives (SSDs/HDDs) when used in conjunction with a SAS/SATA RAID adapter or SAS/SATA HBA.